Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who do not want to keep their knowledge acquired in public institutions, multinational auditing firms, international banks and major economic systems only to themselves. We wish to share it with you. Services we provide are services from the following fields.

Why Are We Here

We are here at your service and primarily to meet your needs for the specific types of knowledge.

If we are not able to meet your demands in the best possible way we will not start the project.

We appreciate your time and money just as much as we appreciata our own.

This is exactly why it is not hard to agree upon anything with us.

You can contact us for a start, for the start with us is the only start that is not hard to make.

How are we different to others

We provide a package of consulting services that enables outsourcing of the administrative departments for clients' needs. 

We give full support during  business transactions and operations.

The postulates of our futurerelations are our clients' interests and full professional confidentiality.

We offer you our first-hand experience with the full appreciation of the Serbian market and its specific demands, and the option of adjusting to comply with foreign clients' demands. 


Organizational chart of the business association Business Support Company Belgrade

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