Financial Consulting

Balance structure analysis- We will help you analyze your balance properly. Find out what they contain and say about your business.

Dynamic balance and monthly business monitoring - Learn how your business develops from month to month and prepare yourself for business turbulences in time.

Conducting internal audits on  the behalf of our client - You would not like to engage your employees in this area, and your business has developed to such an extent that this function has become a necessity. Engage us.

Preparation of the company for external audit - External audit is not an ordeal, if you're ready for it! We can prepare you for it!

Internal procedures development- Do you want your employees and yourself to have clearly defined tasks to be carried out? Introduce those procedures with our help!

Establishing a system of internal control - Do you think you have implemented adequate internal controls? There may be a better solution!

Business risk assessment - What risks affect your business and what are their effects on you and your property? We'll tell you!

Company recovery - Your company has, unfortunately, found itself in the middle of problems. We are here to try to solve them together through rehabilitation.

Due diligence - You would like to sell or buy a business association? What is its position? Find it out from our due diligence.

Financial capital and property evaluation - How much are the financial capital and property you dispose of really worth? We will tell you the truth!

Feasibility and other studies - Is it a doable You have some questions that are not listed here? Ask, maybe we know the answer!