Management Consulting

Assessment of capabilities and professional assistance in acquisition of companies - Expanding your business portfolio should be directed towards real values that will make your business more valuable and provide synergetic effects to create new values through horizontal and vertical diversification of business.

Selling a part of your business association property - Selling dysfunctional parts of your properties can bring additional financial assets and thus improve basic business operations. Do it with our help and in the right way.

Selling of the whole business - Show the real value of your business and present it in a way that would draw attention to any future positive effects so as to achieve its maximum value in negotiations with the potential partners. Our help can be invaluable here.

Entering into strategic alliances - There are certainly some partners, with whom working together you can achieve better business results than those achieved independently. We can find the right partners and obtain the best conditions for you.

Merging of companies and the rationalization of business activities - Make your business system less complex system, and at the same time more efficient. Optimize the operating costs and properly use your professional services.

Designing an optimal functional and organizational structure - Reduce redundancy and set up the organizational structure that will cost you less and provide better business effects.

We will also provide you other services that will make your management more efficient and thus maximize your profit.