Legal Consulting

Setting up and registering the company - From the Founding Act, to the issuance of the tax identification number.

Change of legal form - If you would like to change the legal form of your  organization, we will help you do it in the best possible way. 

Status changes implementation and producing or altering status documentation - You are not sure that you will implement status changes in the right way? Or if you will be able to collect the adequate documentation? Let's do it together!

Contract making - You are not sure that the contract you have prepared or received you're your business partners fully protect your interests? We can help!

Solving property- legal relations - If there an optimal solution, we will find it for you!

Facilities legalization - If there is a legal basis, we will help you make the legalization!

Dealing with Securities - Buying or selling, enlarging or canceling the shares, you have the need to properly direct the capital...Let's do it together in the most optimal way!

Analysis of the legal basis for business development - Did you meet legal obligations for starting and developing your business? Ask us!

Legal and employment relations - Let us handle the organization of personnel services, as well as the use of all potential and legally defined benefits by virtue of engagement of certain categories of employees. Also, we can protect you from disloyal and unconscientiously employees in a right way.

Consulting during the submission of the report to all competent authorities in accordance with the law - Let us do all the mandatory reporting in order to avoid potential damage such as fines etc to you and your business system.