Other Consulting Services

Design and implementation of local computer networks, server infrastructure and system services - We design computer networks according to your demands and business needs. We can also repair and upgrade the existing computer network, migrating and adapting to modern technological solutions. Our solutions are based on Microsoft technologies, as well as on other software compatible with Microsoft technologies.

Maintenance of local computer networks, server infrastructure and system services - Maintenance of LAN, solving problems that occur during system utilization, administration of user rights by using Microsoft Active Directory Services technology, providing preventive system securing, creating data backup, maintenance of databases, regular monitoring, implementation of prescribed standards...Just call!

Human Resource Management - Addressing issues in the field of employment, creation of optimal classification of jobs, making work contracts and contract management, mediation in the recruitment of employees, the business climate in the testing environment ... Many problems, one solution. Contact Us!

Market Analysis - Is the market oversaturated products and services that you offer? Where is your position on the market? We will analyze it for you!

Ecological Consulting - Is the work you do "clean" meaning in accordance with international standards and domestic legislation? We can do everything required for your business to comply with all required regulations.

Mediation in the purchase of goods and services - You can not find a product or service? You can not find a buyer? Please contact us! 

Help with the introduction and implementation of ISO standards and HACCAP standards - Synchronize your business with laws and international standards! Let the quality of your business work for you!

Establishing a healthy business of catering companies and hotels -You have invested a considerable amount of money in your restaurant or hotel? Your investment is losing value? We are here to reduce the loss and bring you the desired profit.

Security assessment and security consulting - Do you feel safe? Is your property safe? We can advise you on this issue!

Managing the business association for clients needs - Your management has not fulfilled your expectations? You cannot find new management? Let us do it together.

Media and PR presentation of your business - Your company and business transactions can be with our help presented in an adequate way! We will help you to present yourself in the right way and prevent any lies about you and your company's work!

Management investments projects - We provide a wide range of services, particular in the field of management investments projects. Our team will ensure that your project is quality made on time under very attractive terms.


  1. Project management
  2. Project management prior to the initiation of construction
  3. Project management during construction
  4. Costs management
  5. Supervision of construction
  6. Project monitoring by the funders
  7. Project monitoring by the Bank funders.

Our main activity is: 


This service includes both the project management prior construction and construction itself, particularly in the field of:

  • Planning and feasibility studies
  • Estimation of costs
  • Strategic planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Dynamic project management
  • Quality testing and inspection
  • Safety
  • Supervision of contractual obligations of general contractors
  • Law and Regulations (Penalties in case of non fulfilment contracts obligations)